DeLeon Tequila / #NextLevel

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From the liquid to the bottle itself, DeLeon Tequila is a class all its own. But in a crowded spirit category, the brand found themselves struggling to stand out.


Solidify the DeLeon brand as a high-class product before launching in an oversaturated spirits space.


Defy traditional spirit launches by taking it to the next level.

To help DeLeon find their niche, Narrative_ developed a brand story that appealed to a new kind of tequila drinker, helping the brand solidify itself as a cut above the rest.

After deep strategic research, we directed the birth of the brand persona, from writing their manifesto and planning the strategic and creative development for cross-channel activations aimed at developing a strong brand identity, voice, and visual ID that would appeal to a higher-end consumer.

After the Next Level launch event, the brand was able to successfully move forward on their own, using the tools we gave them to guide the way.