JCPenney / #GiftToast

JCPenney invents a new social behavior for the holidays with help from influencers and A-list celebs (Mary J. Blige, Zendaya, Ashley Benson, Common, Kelly Rowland and more) to celebrate the top pop culture moments and people of 2015.


How to generate social buzz in the crowded retail field.


Get people excited about JCPenney again, with a new social behavior that celebrates cultural and life moments. To further amplify social impact, we leveraged beta products- Facebook Carousel and Twitter Moments.

Introducing #GiftToast – A celebration of the people in your life with a playful social shoutout. First you must pick a person who had a moment worth toasting, then you find an image of a gift that “toasts” that moment, lastly you share the “toast” on social media using “#GiftToast”. To kick things off, JCPenney celebrated the top cultural moments of the year, then invited people do the same with friends and family. A how-to video was released to educate and activate audiences on how to #GiftToast , and JCPenney rewarded select participants with actual gifts. To generate buzz and excitement for #GiftToast we leveraged new and beta social products – Twitter Moments, Facebook Immersive Canvas and more. Cultural conversation around #GiftToast soared as celebrities and influencers (Common, Kelly Rowland, Ashley Benson, Zendaya, Mary J. Blige, Gina Rodriguez, and more) #GiftToasted friends, family, and fans.


#GiftToast succeeded in becoming a culturally relevant behavior on social media for the holidays.

  • 99%

    positive net sentiment.
  • 40K+

    social mentions.
  • 238MM