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How to harness the energy of the Women's March to create meaningful, positive change, and fulfill Narrative’s commitment to causes we care about.


Based on the insight that the best way to affect change is to become the change you want to see, we ideated with a House of Narrative_ collaborator, trailblazing rocker, artist and feminist, Pat Benatar to create Shine Together. A movement that uses the universal language of song to inspire women to support each other and affect positive change in government and the world.

Millions of women marched in Washington, D.C. and cities across the nation on January 21, 2017, standing together to protect women’s rights. It was our goal to harness this historic day to drive real change. As Gloria Steinem said, “Pat Benatar’s ‘Shine’ helps us to light the path ahead. Like Emma Goldman and Fannie Lou Hamer, she knows there’s no revolution without music.” We created “Shine” as an anthem for women, a song to be shared and heard by the nation and the world. In addition, we launched ShineTogether.info with an interactive component inviting users to ‘Shine’ on the women that inspire them – an acknowledgment of inspiration, support, genius, or generosity.

The song was deliberately priced at .69 cents to draw attention to the gender wage gap of women making less cents on the dollar compared to men. To drive change, we need to make our voices heard by having more women advocating for women’s rights within government and politics. Therefore, proceeds from the song will go to the B.A. Rudolph Foundation supporting women pursuing careers in public service and government.

Shine Together was conceived by PAT BENATAR, who broke barriers as a female musician and has influenced generations of artists, and TRICIA CLARKE-STONE, Co-Founder & CEO of Narrative_, and a tech, innovation, and marketing leader. The “Shine” song credits go to Pat, and LINDA PERRY, an activist, artist, and producer, leading the charge to organize and empower women to stand together, strong and proud. Joining them on the production of the song is producer, guitarist, songwriter, NEIL GIRALDO, a lifelong advocate for women’s rights and creator of the Benatar/Giraldo sound.

At Narrative_, we’re committed to not only making a difference for our clients, but for causes and issues that we care about, so we donate time, resources, talent, and expertise to the creation of campaigns, platforms, products and experiences that can drive and impact change. As marketers and advertisers we play a pivotal role in shaping culture, so it’s our responsibility to help create a world we want to live in. During Inauguration weekend, we showed our personal support for the Women’s March on Washington by taking over our own site to ‘Shine’ on women in the news, culture, history, and advertising that inspire us.



After just 3 days, we received over 100 million impressions.

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After just 2 days, "Shine" hit #7 on iTunes -Rock Songs, and #2 on Amazon- Rock Songs.