Under Armour / Curry One

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Every athlete dreams of having his own signature shoe line. However, every press outlet who has to cover the launch event dreams of escaping what’s become boring and predictable news.


Create an exciting product launch worthy of one of the most humble players in the NBA, while highlighting UA’s emphasis on innovation.


Leverage technology to create an intimate experience that leans away from the typical press conference, and is as unique and inclusive as the product’s muse, Stephen Curry.

As a result, Under Armour wanted something different for Stephen Curry’s first signature shoe: an intimate tech and product story reporters would be excited to write about.

To do it, we created an immersive, three-day, story-led experience, starting with a curated “UA AM” newspaper, delivered to the doorsteps of editors each morning. The paper held details about how each day would unfold, highlighting events like the installation of a design studio in a high school gym, a presentation by Stephen in the style of an “editors huddle”, a curated menu with Stephen Curry signature sandwiches, and more.

To ensure technology was at the forefront of the experience, editors were given HTC One smartphones that came preloaded with two apps, both custom-designed and built by Narrative_.

The first app was a VR (virtual reality) experience dubbed “30/30 Reality.” Leveraging Google Cardboard, we brought Stephen’s basketball and shoe launch journey, from childhood, to the pros, to life.

The second app, “The Passport” acted as an electronic daily agenda for the editors, and contained both a Spotify playlist curated by Stephen and usable imagery for their editorial pieces.

After the event, the internet was buzzing with incredibly positive reviews of both the shoe and experience, resulting in the Curry One shoe receiving the highest levels of “opt-ins” the brand has ever received for a product launch.



AdAge was amongst a series of publications to feature the unveiling of the Curry One. Touting the event as an “elaborate, multi-day press event in the Bay Area for influential shoe trade reporters”.

Cultural Penetration

It wasn’t just another traditional event for a shoe release. Along with UA, we redefined the possibilities and created a three day story-led experience that gave the editors something to write home about.

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