Showtime / #BackedByAxe Kickstarter

Showtime’s Billions Hedges its bets with Kickstarter


How do you expand the Billions TV series audience beyond just “bro’s” and engage them enough to spread the word and tune into Season 2?


Ignite a relevant social platform that embodies our ethos. The hit drama Billions revolves around billionaire hedge fund king Bobby “Axe” Axelrod's thriving investment firm, Axe Capital. In the show, his company backs entrepreneurs, products and big ideas. To bring this entrepreneurial spirit to life, we created a Kickstarter campaign named after the fictional company.

First, we found companies that embodied the spirit of the show. Then, “Axe Capital” invested in them by helping them reach their fund goals. In turn, Creators, excited about reaching their goal, became evangelists for the brand and created a wealth of buzz and conversation, through their social networks.

The Kickstarter audience aligned perfectly with the psychographic profile of our target audience: entrepreneurial, socially savvy and hip to the latest cultural currants.

We turned Kickstarter’s crowdfunding platform into a social platform that fueled a receptive audience to talk about the show in an organic way. For the first time ever, a fictitious company from a TV show, invested in real companies, in the real world.